Dear Mr. Smietana,

In regards to your recent article “Using faith to attack opponents is a political tradition,” I submit that you have missed the point. This is not about Muslims, it is about the theo-political IDEOLOGY or doctrine of Islam.

Perhaps you could give an open-minded listen to former Speaker Newt Gingrich in his recent speech to the American Enterprise Institute entitled “America at Risk: Camus, National Security, and Afghanistan” addressing the threat of Islamic Sharia Law.

Perhaps you could consider the theo-political doctrine of Islam:

1. Commands the attainment of political goals as religious duty.

2. Is codified in sharia law – which demands the replacement of all man-made law (including our Constitution) with “divine” sharia.

3. Invites conversion, enforces subjugation or engages in war to achieve its objectives.

4. Allows for all manner of deception to advance its objectives.

So, Islam is not solely a religion (1); its tenets invariably lead to sedition and insurrection (2); it violates nearly every aspect of our Constitution, culture and traditions (3); and makes it nearly impossible to distinguish “good” and “bad” practitioners (4).

Ergo, the theo-political doctrine of Islam must be expunged from every Western nation and held at bay with hot and cold war until it ceases to be a threat to our forms of governance, our cultures, our institutions and futures.

Nearly 1400 years of history are witness to Islam’s expansion and progress toward its stated goal to replace or subjugate anything non-Islamic; to spread Islam across the globe. Wherever Islam thrives, a state within a state develops and the existing government and unbelieving (kafir, infidel) culture is rejected. Islamic minorities grow in a host country until it can conquer, by political or violent means, replacing the established government with sharia. Consider the UK, France, Indonesia, and Kenya as examples.

Historically, Islam was spread by the sword. Today, this modern conquest begins with immigration and enlarging populations followed by a demand for deferential treatment of Islam in the host country, including insistence on religious accommodations, judicial separateness, and general cultural and educational non-integration. Imagined affronts to Islam are claimed and redress demanded. Islam claims the superiority of moral high ground. Through intimidation it is made to appear that to offend a Muslim is a crime. Intolerance or violence toward host populations is frequently seen. Apologists aid and abet its advance. Consider all of Europe, much of Asia and Islam’s growing influence in the US.

Sharia denies freedom of speech, religion, expression and action and rejects equality between men and women, thereby violating human rights. Sharia has no “Golden Rule” to treat individuals equally. Instead Sharia segregates people into two classes of people: Muslims and non-Muslims. Muslims are supreme and non-Muslims are inferior, holding no equal rights under Islam. Kafirs are not considered innocent under sharia – they are guilty of disbelief in Allah and Mohammed. Muslim-Muslim relations are completely separate from Muslim-kafir relations, where deceit is sanctioned and mistreatment largely unpunished. No matter the temperament of individual Muslims, the Islamic community as a whole, the “ummah,” drives the process of Islamization (codification of Islamic supremacy via sharia law) in every country where Islam thrives.

Before you criticize critics of Islamic doctrine, you should become more informed. In Tennessee, you have a person who has experienced Islamic doctrine on three continents, Vijay Kumar, who is running for Congress (Nashville). Please consider interviewing him, or at least reviewing his positions here.

You are doing the nation and your community a disservice by confusing well-considered moral opposition to Islamic doctrine as defined in sharia law with disposition toward its practitioners.

– C.D.


Sharia for Non-Muslims by Bill Warner
Reliance of the Traveller: The Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law by Ahmad Ibn Lulu Ibn Al-Naqib, et al.
Translations of the Quran, Sira, Hadith (life and traditions of Mohammed)
The Legacy of Jihad by Andrew Bostom
Why I am Not a Muslim by Ibn Warraq
The Sword of the Prophet by Serge Trifkovic
They Must Be Stopped by Brigitte Gabriel
Future Jihad by Walid Phares
Stealth Jihad by Robert Spencer


2 Responses to “Dear TN Apologist”

  1. 1 Civilus Defendus August 4, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    Note: Mr. Smietana’s non sequitur response:

    “Thanks for your note.

    These 4 claims were also made against Catholic Americans for decades, by non Catholics who argued that Catholics were not real Americans.

    – That Catholicism was not a real religion but a political movement like Communism
    – That Catholcis sought to replace American law with Catholic treachng
    – That Catholics oppressed other faiths or conquered them by violence
    -That Catholics could lie under oath and could not be trusted.”

  2. 2 bonbon December 5, 2010 at 8:27 pm

    Yeah, but with Islam “There is no reform” and they will consume their own – those who attempt to reform it !

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