Please Educate Yourself – No One Can Do It For You

One voice, your voice, is immeasurably better than silence. Knowledge is the enemy of evil. Believe nothing about islam that is not rooted in the koran, sira or hadith. Share based on an understanding of islamic doctrine (not muslims) and with compassion for human rights, dignity and freedom of conscience. 

Education & Action:      Dr. Bill Warner, Islam Dissected & Exposed

Bill Warner Lectures               (some free, listen or download)                Robert Spencer, Sheer Excellence     Knowledge & Compassion       The gruesome details     Brigitte Gabriel, Public & Political Education          Pamela Geller, Relentless     Frank Gaffney, Policy to Action      Muslim Apostates

Book List at Jihad Watch


6 Responses to Links

  1. mike elmore says:

    you are one of the best communicators of Islam and its problems that I have read, I look forward to learning more form your writings ..thank you..elmore

  2. Civilus Defendus says:

    Thank you, elmore.

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by MandyGrey, MandyGrey. MandyGrey said: Forewarned is forarmed! Educate yourselves on #Islam #Sharia #Jihad #Politics #News #Quran #Koran #Hadith #FF […]

  4. dan says:

    Nice Grouping!!

  5. thank you civilius. We need more people like you. Thank you! You are right. Americans who love liberty will never submit to sharia.

  6. I don’t get over here as much as i would like…good site. well maintained. keep up the good work.

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