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Newt Gets It – Ban Sharia

Here is Former Speaker of the US House of Representatives Newt Gingrich in a recent speech to the American Enterprise Institute entitled “America at Risk: Camus, National Security, and Afghanistan” addressing the threat of Islamic Sharia Law. The audacity of this consummate historian, this experienced politician, this leader-in-waiting, to speak aloud the truth of our enemy, the theo-political doctrine of islam and its playbook, sharia. Imagine if he were the next President of the United States. Imagine.

Update: Is a legislative reaffirmation of fidelity to the US Constitution and to State Constitutions and a rejection of the use of foreign law, including sharia law the realm of lunacy? Delusion? Wasted effort? Totally unnecessary? I have decided for myself, so should you.

We have the State Department legal advisor, Harold Koh, stating in correspondence that he “didn’t see any reason why sharia law would not be applied to govern a case in the United States.” We have a sitting Supreme Court Justice, Elena Kagan, who while at Harvard sponsored training in sharia-compliance finance, essentially supporting the entry of sharia into our capital markets, through the Harvard Law School’s Islamic Finance project. We have a New Jersey judge who found no crime in a muslim man raping his muslim soon to be ex-wife, since it was part of his cultural practice and found no criminal desire in the act. Fortunately, this opinion was reversed. We have mosques blaring their call to prayer over external loud speakers, actually or potentially violating local noise ordinances and irritating communities.

We have seen, or not seen depending upon your view, intimidation in the media and business and/or self-censorship in Mohammed cartoons, books about islam and letters to the editor, as well as modifications to working conditions. We have people under constant security or changing their identity and hiding from the world because US law and law enforcement are unable to protect the person from a muslim’s exercise of sharia law (threat of harm or death to “blasphemers” or apostates).

So, if you see there is not a problem, then by all means move along, nothing of importance here. However, if you see history as Newt Gingrich does, as I do, as the documentation in “The Legacy of Jihad – Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims” (Andrew Bostom, ed.) does, as Egyptian Coptic Christian, now American, Joseph Nassralla does, then it is time to inform your elected representatives that there is a very real danger in not addressing sharia now. Sharia condemns freedom, forbids equality and rejects national boundaries. Sharia promotion is seditious as it is essentially a call to insurrection, the replacement of our man-made Constitution with “divine” sharia. We should formally take a stand against sharia. Ignorance is not bliss.

The Theo-Political Doctrine of Islam

1. The theo-political doctrine of islam commands the attainment of political goals as religious duty (ref: quran, sira, hadith).

2. The theo-political doctrine of islam is codified in sharia law – which demands the replacement of all man-made law (including our Constitution) with “divine” sharia.

3. The theo-political doctrine of islam invites conversion, enforces subjugation or engages in war to achieve its objectives.

4. The theo-political doctrine of islam allows for all manner of deception to advance its objectives.

So, islam is not solely a religion (1); its tenets invariably lead to sedition and insurrection (2); it violates nearly every aspect of our Constitution, culture and traditions (3); and makes it impossible to distinguish “good” and “bad” practitioners (4).

Ergo, the theo-political doctrine of islam must be expunged from every Western nation and held at bay with hot and cold war until it ceases to be a threat to our forms of governance, our cultures, our institutions and futures. The risk and reward, the challenge and splendor of human liberty must trump submission.

Sharia: The Path to Ruin

It is through an understanding of Islamic Sharia Law that we must approach the current conflict and take every step to remove it from our lands. And to that end I will direct you to the always thought provoking and impeccably reasoned site of Bill Warner: and his latest offering on Islamic Sharia Law for a run down of what non-Muslims need to know about Sharia and its affect on Western nations.

If we non-Muslims cannot grasp the meaning of sharia we are defenseless before it. If we are ignorant, we may tolerate, or even embrace, that which will bring about the destruction of our Constitutionally based society and with it our human rights, our choice in governance – essentially all our liberty. Let us explore the essence of “the Sharia.” Here Osama bin Laden lectures the Saudis on the  proper interpretation of Islam (and its law, Sharia):

“There are only three choices in Islam: either willing submission; or payment of the jizya, thereby physical, though not spiritual, submission to the authority of Islam; or the sword – for it is not right to let him [an infidel] live. The matter is summed up for every person alive: either submit, or live under the suzerainty of Islam, or die.” (The Al Qaeda Reader (page 19), Raymond Ibrahim, Ed/Translator, 2007.)

And more from “The Sword of the Prophet” by Serge Trifkovic  (2002). This I found a show-stopper. One page out of  thousands I have read made me put the book down until I further digested this one page. It offered a great insight into what we are facing and simultaneously revealed the greatest threat our civilization has ever faced.

Mr. Trifkovic quotes a translation of the Arab word “shirk” as “freedom” and then goes on to say that “…shirk, the ultimate, unpardonable sin of blasphemy and the exact opposite of Islam, stands for freedom of thought, conscience, and religion.” And that “Allah’s divine sovereignty is irreconcilable with popular sovereignty, which is the essence of democracy.” And finally, that “Islamic law, the Shari’a is therefore not a supplement to the “secular” legal code, it is the only such code and the only basis of obligation, because a Muslim’s only true allegiance is to Allah, and to Muhammad…”

Warner, Ibrahim, Trifkovic, Robert Spencer, Walid Phares, Wafa Sultan…many fine  authors of exceptional works can help lead us, in addition to our own individual investigations, to a sane evaluation of Islam/Sharia, one that inevitably concludes that Sharia is totally incompatible with our Republic and Constitution, and more broadly all non-Islamic societies. We cannot destroy Sharia, that is for Muslims to do, but we can impose a separation – to remove, disallow and prevent it; to criminalize its promotion (which I consider sedition) and cease immigration of people who promote Sharia. It is now for us to guide our elected representatives to act to protect the nation, to speak the words that will simultaneously invite cheers and condemnation – that Sharia cannot be tolerated and must be rooted out, expunged from our lands. Once informed, once contemplated…to not act would be (and is) an unconscionable failure and breach of trust and responsibility.

Re: Consideration of a Mosque in Your Community

Dear Sir,

I do not live in your community, but I have concerns about intolerance in America.

Islam is a total life-encompassing doctrine, addressing cultural and religious matters as well as political issues that is governed by Islamic sharia law, a law based on the koran, sira and hadith (the biography and traditions of Mohammed, or “sunnah”).

It must be recognized that the theo-political doctrine of Islam makes the attainment of political objectives a religious duty. The political objective is to bring the entire world under the “divine” law of sharia; to eradicate man-made law. And according to Islam, sharia is applied to both Muslims and non-Muslims.

The theo-political doctrine of Islam fully implemented under sharia law, consistent with the koran and sunnah, condemns freedom (of speech, religion, association, press, petition of government), forbids equality (between men and women, Muslims and non-Muslims) and denies traditional sovereignty (national boundaries based on language, culture and shared history). In sum, sharia violates our cultural values as well as our laws.

So, the thrust of my comment is that bringing a mosque into your community will inevitably bring sharia, including elements of sharia that are inconsistent and irreconcilably in conflict with the US Constitution and your state constitution, and will not simply be offensive to your community, but be destructive of it.

This message is not borne of bigotry, racism or hatred, only a concern that our great nation will continue to be a haven for human liberty.

Wilders, Liberty & Totalitarianism

Dear FOX News,;;;  (3-10-2010)

While I appreciate your discussing Islam, I respectfully submit that unless you have studied the theo-political doctrine of Islam – the Koran, Sira (biography of Mohammed) and Hadith (the traditions of Mohammed), and its “divine” Sharia law you are very much out of your element in discussing Islam or Muslim behavior. Someone on your staff must immerse themselves in a study of the tenets of Islam, as totalitarian Islam embodies the greatest global and domestic threat to liberty, equality and peace.

Islam’s express desire is to bring the world, Muslim and non-Muslim, under sharia law. If Islam is weak for a period of time, the Islamic community will appear peaceful; however as it gains in numbers and strength the Islamic community will attempt to impose sharia. For examples see Islamic demands and actions in the United Kingdom, France, Kenya or Indonesia. Immigration is the first step in this slow conquest, followed by demands and intimidation, then intolerance, discrimination and violence.

A Muslim who strives in defense or support of Islam may engage, indeed is required to engage in or fund, armed or covert jihad. Islam offers infidels three options, first conversion – an invitation to Islam (Osama bin Laden did this in a letter to former President Bush), then subjugation under sharia (as the Copts are in Egypt today), or jihad war until you convert, accept subjugation or die (reference Sudan, etc).

When a man risks his life and that of his family to speak the truth, when a man stands for principles, for the centuries and souls it took to create systems of governance where liberty is allowed and personal freedom largely protected – you, an AMERICAN media news and opinion outlet should not decry that person for doing so. Perhaps you should pull up a chair and learn something, rather than be in line to squelch the life out of that canary…he is warning you, too, if you would only listen.

Sharia law condemns freedom, forbids equality, and denies traditional sovereignty; it is legitimate that we reject it. The call to sharia law in America is a call to overthrow the US Constitution. Jihad, whether state organized or by individuals must be recognized for what it is, the followers of Islam engaging in war to advance Islam and force the imposition of Islamic sharia law. Please educate yourselves; you may choose cultural suicide, I do not.

To liberty under the US Constitution,

CD, US Citizen

References: Koran, Sira, Hadith

A Matter of Ideology

The conflict between representative governance and Islam is not about freedom of speech or religion. It is about ideology. Islam is an ideology totally intolerant of non-adherents and both restrictive and discriminatory of its own believers.  This post is an evolution of a my previous thoughts on this subject.

I shall define “ideology” as a set of beliefs or precepts that form the basis of a thought process or political system, particularly one that is resistant to outside influence and nearly incapable of self-modification to adapt to changing circumstances.

I further define principled constitutional governance as a collection of ideas and standards that form a political system, informed by history and intended to meet the needs of the governed. This does not a hedonistic haven create, but rather establishes a framework for its citizenry to pursue their goals with the maximum liberty and minimal obstruction to the affairs of others. While this may also be termed an ideology, this system is contemplative and both aware of its surroundings and responsive to circumstances within its established framework.

Islam is an ideology that makes the attainment of Political Objectives a Religious Duty. The objective is to see the entire world under the “divine” (religious) law of sharia; to obliterate man-made law. So, Islam is both theological and political, a theo-political ideology – a rigid, totalitarian, intolerant, supremacist ideology. All this is found in the koran and sunnah, detailed in the body of Islamic sharia law and implemented in nations practicing Islamic jurisprudence.

We free nations can call Islam an ideology and we can talk about an ideology freely. However one cannot talk about implementing this ideology, about replacing our Constitutional government – for crossing that line is sedition. So, we can analyze Islam and sharia law, read about it and study its consequences in Islamic lands, its effects on Western “host” nations, however the second anyone talks about implementing sharia they are committing act of sedition against the sovereign nation they are in. Religion? Practice whatever you want as long as you leave ME, the Infidel out of it and keep your hands OFF my Constitution. Speech? Speak freely, but do not incite violence, genocide or insurrection.

Continued ignorance, accommodation, appeasement and ‘hopeful assimilation’ is aiding and abetting cultural suicide.

This is Not About Free Speech or Religion

There needs to be no issue with freedom of speech or religion. Islam is an ideology, a theo-political ideology. They call it a religion, we don’t have to. This theo-political ideology makes the Attainment of Political Objectives a Religious Duty. That political objective, that religious duty, is to see the entire world under the “divine” law of sharia; to obliterate man-made law, in our case the US Constitution, but every national charter is in jeopardy. So, for them it is political and/or theological; we can still just call it an ideology, like communism is an ideology.

In a free nation you can talk about an ideology openly, however you cannot talk about implementing this ideology – THAT is sedition. So, we can analyze sharia law, read about it and study its consequences in islamic lands, however the second anyone talks about implementing sharia they are committing an act of sedition against the sovereign nation they are in. Take concrete steps to implement it? Inssurection. Levy war? Treason. (See 18 USC Chapter 115.)

Speech? Use your voice, just don’t scream for the annihilation of my law, my traditions and my institutions – my culture. Religion? Practice whatever you want as long as you leave ME, the Infidel out of it and keep your hands OFF my Constitution.

Continued ignorance, accommodation, appeasement and ‘hopeful assimilation’ is cultural suicide.

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Liberty vs Sharia

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