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Out of the Moral Quagmire

The dual threats of our time are Leftists following marxist-progressive totalitarianism and Jihadis following the tenets of Islam. What common thread might there be in our current inability to collectively recognize and challenge these threats?

Our society has been coaxed, pushed and deceived by our schools, media, and certain intellectuals to be nice, to be endlessly neutral and at an extreme to give credence beyond reason to the ‘other’ side, to be politically correct. We also may be asked to atone for some past error of thought or action. In order to become morally neutral and avoid conscious discrimination, we are asked to be totally indiscriminate; to avoid a value judgment we are asked to be valueless. We are asked to accept other ideas and cultures in the name of diversity and multiculturalism, however to do so may compromise our own beliefs, however firm or frail their condition.

I charge that those who choose (and ask the rest of us to choose) to be morally “neutral” are really choosing to be morally relative, a moral quagmire in which good could be considered bad, and bad could be considered good. And when you choose moral relativism and good equals bad, then you deny any basis for morality – for a standard of good and evil, better or worse or even good and less good. Everything is merely a point of view. Fellow travelers are encouraged to respond “Gosh, who am I to say what is right or wrong?”

The Left’s moral compass is fickle and feckless or non-existent; truth might in some instances be dismissed as inconvenient, strength as weakness, clarity as bigoted. Those who have no objective, measureable standards, who reject norms of behavior, who deny morals we usually call sociopaths, but now include Leftists. Sociopaths want no controls on themselves, leftist only want controls on others; there is but a subtle difference.

In Islam, Mohammed’s evil deeds and words are used as a standard of behavior, as a moral compass. Islam does not promote right and wrong, only that which is allowed and that which is forbidden. Islam’s standard is Mohammed whose allowed list includes misogyny, pedophilia, rape, theft, deception, enslavement, subjugation, terror, murder and genocide, and whose disallowed list includes befriending non-believers, innovation and mirth.

We as a nation and a culture must be able to embrace and defend our own core values, primarialy those rooted in Judeo-Christian traditions. We had better be willing to argue for intrinsic good and act on behalf of good or the Leftist and the Islamists will see to it that their points of view are victorious. This is an ideological battle, a trifecta of ideological battles and their associated core values and standards of measure, whether virtuous or unworthy. However, if we stoop to measure the mediocrity of the Left or the evil of Islam, we miss the opportunity to make the more comprehensive choice to reject their ideology, their view point in toto. Is there really any point to arguing the minutia of whether beating your wife a little or a lot is the ‘better’ choice?

Read: “Applied Moral Relativism” by DL Adams,

View: “How Modern Liberals Think” by Evan Sayet,


Who Will You Trust?

There is but one Islam and when it comes to non-muslims, it is neither moderate nor peaceful, but hostile. Islam is built on the koran (words of allah) and the life of Mohammed (sira/biography) and traditions of Mohammed (hadith), as governed by sharia law. The sira and hadith are known as the way of the perfect man or ‘sunnah,’ an important concept in understanding muslim behavior. Sharia law adheres to the tenets of Islam and condemns freedom (of speech, religion, expression, association and inquiry), forbids equality (between men-women, muslims-others), and allows misogyny, pedophilia and killing of apostates. Islam offers non-muslims first an invitation to convert, then subjugation with heavy taxation, and finally jihad until you submit to Islam or die.

You must become your own advisor on all things Islam. As the government and media will not properly inform you, you must read and listen to sufficient history and current events to be able to critically evaluate media coverage, effectively question your elected representatives and identify politically correct but inaccurate statements. You will soon be capable of recognizing uneducated mis-information and practiced deception. For example, are bored youths on summer break causing a disturbance in France, or are muslim gangs rioting in the streets and burning cars to intimidate the French? If there is conflict in the news and no one mentions its cause, ask yourself if Islam is involved (as in Sudan, Kosovo, Kenya, Indonesia, Kashmir, France, or the United Kingdom).

Be aware of information sources – are you reading an apostate’s story, an imam’s talking points, a historian’s research. And if the author is university trained, consider the level of foreign funding to that university and how it might have affected its teachings. Read the koran and study the sunnah or meaningful commentaries on their content. (I suggest R. Spencer, W. Phares, W. Sultan, B. Gabriel, W. Shoebat, B. Ye’or, A. Bostom, I. Warraq and others.)

The questions and issues surrounding Islam are of grave concern for your life and liberty. Do not fall victim to wishful thinking, or the deadly trio of appeasement, accommodation and hopeful assimilation. It is time to challenge those who paint Islam and its history only with pretty colors or who spin current events to blame “western oppression” or poverty. Do not hold opinions you cannot justify about Islam. To do so invites disaster. Islam and sharia law are antithetical to Western liberties and our constitutionally protected rights. Who will you trust?

A Question of Worth

My father taught me that a person’s worth as an employee or consultant was based on how irreplaceable they were to whoever paid for their service. If no one could do what you do as well as you do it, you had worth and a dollar value was placed on that worth.

Doctors invest in their training, spend long hours at work, and continue their education year after year to stay abreast of technology and pharmaceuticals; they have worth. Marketers who understand your product and design marketing strategy to inform the audience and garner purchasers bring wealth to the manufacturer; they have worth.

Now come to the traditional media, who seem immune to the idea. In depth training? Ongoing education? Staying in touch with the world around us? We are presented with pretty faces who mouth words in 30 second sound bites, not knowing what questions to ask, not understanding the implications of the answers, leaving us cold and in the dark.

Without a deep repertoire of history to draw on, without a broad understanding of world events and their drivers, without the ability to contemplate the threads between events in time and space, of what value are they to the listener, the viewer, the reader? We know no more at the end of the news than at the beginning, perhaps less, as facts are muddled and implausible inferences drawn.

I charge the media with dereliction of duty, for not having the wherewithal to understand the news, unable to challenge those interviewed, unable to put into context a question, let alone an answer nor comment on its implications. This is above and beyond the rampant ideological pollution and political spin of the news.

Yet, we thirst for news and commentary, we must have it. So, where do we turn? You are here, you are on a thousand websites with tens of thousands of reporters and commentators.

You have information needs and limited time: you decide what is worthy.

Ft. Hood, Islam and the PC Altar

Dear FOX News Sunday (,

While I applaud your discussing Islam in relation to the Ft. Hood murders, I respectfully submit that unless you have studied the doctrine of Islam – the Koran, Sira (biography of Mohammed) and Hadith (the traditions of Mohammed), and its “divine” Sharia law you are very much out of your element in discussing Islam or Muslim behavior. Someone on your staff must immerse themselves in a study of the tenets of Islam, as Islam embodies the greatest global and domestic threat to liberty, equality and peace.

A Muslim acting in accordance with Islamic tenets and Islamic ‘logic’ is sane within that mind set. Under Islam, non-Muslims are guilty of not acknowledging Allah and his prophet Mohammed, therefore all manner of discrimination, harm and murder are acceptable and no penalty is imposed for the killing of infidels.

A Muslim who strives in defense or support of Islam may engage, indeed is required to engage in or fund, armed or covert jihad. Islam offers infidels three options, first conversion – an invitation to Islam (Osama bin Laden did this in a letter to former President Bush), then subjugation under sharia (as the Copts are in Egypt today), or jihad war until you convert, accept subjugation or die (reference Sudan, etc).

Islam’s express desire is to bring the world, Muslim and non-Muslim, under sharia law. If Islam is weak for a period of time, the Islamic community will appear peaceful; however as it gains in numbers and strength the Islamic community will attempt to impose sharia. For examples see Islamic demands and actions in the United Kingdom, France, Kenya or Indonesia.

Sharia law condemns freedom, forbids equality, and denies traditional sovereignty; it is legitimate that we reject it. The call to sharia law in America is a call to overthrow the US Constitution. Jihad, whether state organized or by individuals must be recognized for what it is, the followers of Islam engaging in war to advance Islam and force the imposition of Islamic sharia law. Please educate yourselves, lest more be sacrificed at the altar of political correctness.

To liberty under the Constitution,

CD, US Citizen


Dr. Phil – Your Ignorance is Showing

Dr. Phil @,

I respectfully submit that unless you have studied the doctrine of islam – the koran, sira (biography of mohammed) and hadith (the traditions of mohammed), you are very much out of your element in discussing islam or muslim behavior.

A muslim acting in accordance with islamic tenets and islamic ‘logic’ is sane within that mind set. Non-muslims are believed to be guilty of not acknowledging allah and that mohammed is his prophet, therefore all manner of discrimination, harm and murder are acceptable.

Under islamic sharia law no penalty is imposed for the killing of infidels. A muslim who strives in defense or support of islam may engage, indeed is required to engage in or fund, armed or covert jihad. Islam offers infidels an invitation to islam – conversion, or subjugation under sharia, or jihad war until you convert, accept subjugation or die. Islam’s express goal is to bring the world, muslim and non-muslim, under sharia law.

Sharia law condemns freedom, forbids equality, and denies traditional sovereignty; it is legitimate that we reject it. The call to sharia is a call to overthrow the US Constitution.

To liberty under the Constitution,

Civilus Defendus, US Citizen


PC Kills

I wrote this yesterday… before a muslim opened fire in Texas:

(Regarding islam) we must widen the breadth of awareness, increase the depth of our understanding of islam, and ensure that those in positions to effect change are brought into the fold of knowledge. Those with open eyes see daily the growing boldness of our foe and the disarray of those who should protect us.

This is not about muslims, it is about ISLAM and those that work to implement its grand scheme to replace or subjugate anything non-islamic – to see the entire world under sharia law. Since sharia CONDEMNS freedom and FORBIDS equality under the law and DENIES traditional sovereignty, it is right that we REJECT both the ideology and those that attempt to impose it.

We owe our liberty to our ancestors; we owe our decedents no less. It is our right, it is our duty, it is our obligation to protect and defend the great Nations, Constitutions and Pacts of LIBERTY.

And today from the sage Hugh Fitzgerald we have:

“…The Pentagon, the American military, the Army, those who run Fort Hood, are guilty, in their refusal to recognize the effect of Islam on the minds of men, in their wilfull ignorance of what is contained in Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira, in their continual pretend-belief that only the obvious “extremists” are a danger to non-Muslims, are guilty of criminal negligence.

And the government of this country, and the governments of other non-Muslim countries who refuse to take Islam seriously, refuse to halt all Muslim immigration and work to diminish the number of Muslims present in our imperilled non-Muslim societies and states, are guilty of the same criminal negligence. …” (See complete comment at Jihad Watch – )

Accommodation, appeasement and hopeful integration is physical and cultural suicide. Armed jihad kills people and destroys things. Cultural jihad kills our institutions and destroys our ability for self-defense.  Every elected official, police officer and school superintendent should know that the Muslim Brotherhood has declared their ‘work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.’ The time to act is now, we cannot wait.

The refusal of the Western elite class to protect their nations from jihadist infiltration is the biggest betrayal in history.” Serge Trifkovic


Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Brotherhood in North America

Liberty vs Sharia

4 Stages of Islamic Conquest

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