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PETITION UPDATE: Citizens’ Declaration & Plea

As of June 24, 2009, 187 Signatures: 32 States and 12 Countries: USA, Germany, South Africa, Spain, Portugal, Canada, UK, Australia, Romania, Thailand, France, Brazil.

Typical Comments:

  • “The sedition laws of the Unites States make should make this petition unnecessary. We are using it to remind our elected Government of it’s responsibility.”
  • ” Sharia law is unjust and not compliant with basic human rights.”
  • “It’s amazing how the ‘caring’ and ‘tolerant’ Left-wing supports the extremely intolerant, Right-Wing Islamic Fundamentalists. . Is that the kind of world we want for our great-grand childrens’ great-grand children? A Taliban Planet? I bet not. Muslims are the biggest victims of Islam. We are NOT against Muslims, we are against Islamic Fundamentalism.”

 The whole humanity, Muslims themselves before anyone else, need be liberated from Islam. Just look and Somalia, Sudan and Afghanistan to know what Islam has in store for us…

Petition & Comments going to Congress during September 2009.


Excerpts from Dr. Wafa Sultan

Re President Obama’s Cairo speech:

“…The president pandered to Muslims: praised their accomplishments, commiserated with their grievances, and apologized for injustices done to them by centuries of colonialism — without once mentioning the history of rampant and violent Arab colonialism. He avoided any mention of Jihadi tenets, or of the Islamic political ideology of supremacy over non Muslims — principles embedded in Sharia law. These are taught and sanctioned openly by Al-Azhar, the university that hosted him, the foremost center of Sharia studies. Obama underscored the supposed American mistreatment of terrorists and apologized for torture in Guantanamo, forgetting that Islamic regimes are brutal to their own people. The president also repudiated significant U.S. contributions in both the lives of its soldiers and humanitarian aid to Muslims across the globe made throughout history — despite Muslim attacks against America and Americans. In short, parts of his speech sounded like a new Pan-Arab messiah come to usher the Arab world back into its rightful world dominion…

The president failed to join freedom-loving individuals, liberated Arabs like myself. He failed to lead the Muslim world into modernization and vital reform…”


Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Brotherhood in North America

Liberty vs Sharia

4 Stages of Islamic Conquest

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