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I am Sovereign

I am sovereign. I have my set of beliefs and values, my actions are based on these. Honor, integrity, responsibility, optimism, lust for liberty, respect for life, truth, goodness, history, science, wonder, inquisitiveness, and trust in fellow citizens. I present this face and substance to the world at large. You can take or leave me, as you choose. I will not bow or kneel before you. I will not change my colors, my values, by beliefs for you. We can live amicably, unless you choose to fight me. And then I shall fight back, not to a stand off, but to victory, to make you incapable of taking what I have or forcing me to accept your values.

This goes for me as an individual. This should go for every sovereign nation willing to live peaceably in a world of nations.

Rogue states and thugocracies are due no respect.


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